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Not long after this blog was created, life took a massive turn for the unexpected.  That story needed its own space, and continues to do so.  That is explained a bit in this “Why of Blogging” post.

This blog is now “resting”, but I do like to keep it open as it records some of my very early days in Myanmar.

The story since October 2009 is to be found here   and a space for images of life and work, mainly here in Asia, can be found here.



Ancient temples of mystical Mrauk U

January 3, 2012 - One Response

Mrauk U is recognised as an archeologically important ancient city in Rakhine State, Myanmar.  I have had a dream to visit since arriving in Myanmar, and with the winter season and usually dry, clear days a plan developed to visit over Christmas.

I will be writing about the details on my sister blog, but this is the space for images.  The first set of images is devoted to the temple and spiritual scenes.


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You know I am always seeking signs of auspiciousness in the Breast Cancer world – gown colour, Consulting room number……. anything really.

Today, when I logged onto the blog I was treated to:

Blog Stats

  • 8,888 hits

The number 8 is very auspicious in Buddhism, so I do hope it bodes well………………


a change of direction

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“Life is not about waiting for the storms to end, but learning to dance in the rain!”


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A line of monks, collecting alms outside Nyaung U as the sun rises in the sky.

Night sky

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A haircut

August 31, 2009 - One Response

I didn’t think it would be such a big deal. After a couple of months here and a lot of putting off, I finally decided that I had to do something about my hair. Not difficult, you would think.

The first challenge came on Wednesday morning, sitting having breakfast, when I learned (the hard way) that it is not auspicious to wash your hair on a Wednesday here. Apparently I was setting myself up to get the burdens of the world on my shoulders. Definitely something to be avoided – but a bit too late!

I had a recollection from Mongolia that haircutting was inauspicious on either a Monday or Tuesday, so I began research on haircutting and washing issues here. It is even more complicated. Certain days are good, bad or neutral for hair washing and a different set of days is auspicious or not for hair cutting.

So, on Saturday I was finalising my research with the intent of getting my hair cut at long last. Wednesday is not good for hair washing, and Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday are good. Fine so far. For cutting – Monday and Friday are the bad days. So I confirmed with my source – Saturday is good then? It was confirmed. Saturday is good. Avoid Monday and Friday – oh – and the the day you are born. You’ve guessed it – I was born on a Saturday, so the day’s plan suddenly disintegrated. Even phoning for an appointment was sabotaged as a recorded message informed me that the selected hairdressing salon had not paid their phone bill and the phone was disconnected.

On Sunday I embarked on phase 2 of Project Haircut. This involved a pleasant walk to the Hairdresser’s, making an appointment for a shampoo and cut and returning later.

There were more surprises to come. For the shampooing, I was a bit alarmed to be led into a room with a couch (like a doctor’s examination room) where my friend was already tucked up – and lying having her hair washed! I was not prepared for the most amazing shampoo of my life. For the next hour I experienced an incredible hair wash and shampoo, which included head, neck and upper back massage – totally unexpected and totally relaxing.

I am never, ever going to put off getting my hair cut again. In fact, I am consulting my diary right now to see when is the next auspicious date for a hair wash!


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Finding a way for the gregarious gecko!

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The Feisty Blue Gecko has found a way! After 2 months of silence because of connection challenges, I have decided to set up an alternative site for communication and sharing updates, observations and thoughts on life and everything.

pr personal pics 521

Access and connection limitations mean that I am not sure how often I can update this, but here is a start………………..

Feisty Blue Gecko is back!!!

The return of FBG!

August 25, 2009 - One Response

Welcome to the return of the Feisty Blue Gecko. This blog follows on from my previous one, which I cannot access in my current location. For those who can, however, it can be found either on or on

The vision which Save the Children sees is an exciting one. Universality – ECCD for all children, and quality must be the goals. By continuing to work together we can achieve this and really make a difference for all young children in Myanmar.